Flag Day

  “When are you going to get rid of that communist flag?” school kids would ask my Dad. He would chuckle, and say, “Go back to school and open your history book!” You see, during the Bicentennial, Dad was very … More »

America’s Guard of Honor

The 82nd Airborne “All American” Division     By Kevin Born and Alexander Barnes The iconic double “A” patch has represented the 82nd Airborne Division for nearly 100 years. From the Argonne and Normandy to Vietnam, Kabul, and Baghdad the … More »

It’s Turning (Olive) Green Outside!

The arrival of spring probably doesn’t impact our southern readers the way it does to us “Northerners.” While we are shoveling snow, chiseling ice or just trying to keep our garages warm enough that the radiators in our vehicles don’t … More »